Abraham "Abe" Stone is a ghost with the ability to hide in the shadows and other dark places as well as turn into a bat/demon like form. He is also Wraith's mentor and father figure


Abe is a grey skinned African American with black dreadlocks and is heterochromic as his left eye is Crimson Red and his right eye is Yellowish Green. He wears a dark blue buckled coat with his lower face by several buckles.  He also wears a dark green gothic vest and has two clawed like hands, black plants and black buckled boots.


Abe is brooding, moody, vicous, but wise and can be fatherly to the orphaned Mercer boys.


  • His weaopons of choice are firearms that shoot bullets containing ectoplasm instead of gunpowder as ghosts can't die, but are still harmed by anti-ghost weapons.

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