Accidents Happen is a storybook featuring Sam Manson.


Sam, who's not watching where she's going, accidentally rollerblades into her mother's clothesline. After knocking the laundry over the ground, Sam gets worried that her mom will ground her for a month, and she attempts to think up several lies to use. These include:

  • A huge flock of birds knocking it down
  • Jack and Maddie Fenton driving their Fenton RV and running into it
  • A runaway ostrich getting tangled up in it
  • Go-kart racers driving right into it
  • A fire engine accidentally running it over
  • Submarine Man flying down into it while delivering a package
  • The circus using it to practice
  • A football team playing through the yard
  • A category 3 hurricane wrecking havoc

But soon they begin to mix up, and Sam winds up telling her mom the truth. She immediately forgives her daughter for the incident.


Other VersionsEdit

This book was also adapted into the video "Three Danny Phantom Stories". Due to the absence of Laraine Newman for the voices, Kath Soucie gives the voice to Pamela Manson, who is referred to instead as "Aunt Felicia". Also, due to the absence of Scott Bullock, Dash is voiced by Jason Marsden. Dani Fenton/Phantom was also added to the video version of the story.

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