Atmokinesis (AKA weather control) is the ability to manipulate and control the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside a single room) or vastly extended (transcontinental) areas. This type of ability can be emotion-based, so a user's powers may be unstable if they themselves are unstable either mentally, emotionally, physically, or all of the above. It is considered a rare sort of power.

Notable Aspects

Sub-powers derived from this ability include:

Mainstream Media

Vortex Atmokinesis

Danny's Atmokinesis
Danny Phantom

Mainstream Media
Element TypeMulti-Elemental
Known UsersVortex
Danny Phantom

Within the original Danny Phantom series, only two characters have actually been proven to have any sort of true atmokinetic abilities.

  • The first and most infamous is Vortex, who is introduced in the Season Three episode, "Torrent of Terror." He is known as the millennia-old weather-controlling ghost and is considered a dangerous being with an unpredictable, destructive nature. He uses his powers to wreak havoc on the Earth because he sees it as a wholly worthless planet and wishes to someday completely destroy it.
  • In that same episode, Vortex unintentionally gave Danny Phantom some of his weather-manipulative power, which allowed Danny to alter the weather in Amity Park. He had no control over it because his newfound powers were tied directly to his emotions, so when he saw Vlad Masters, his hatred conjured up a tornado in the street; likewise, when he saw his friends, the skies would clear up. Until anyone could summon Vortex and remove Danny's atmokinesis, Vlad begrudgingly tended to his whims to keep his emotions in check. After "Torrent of Terror," Danny went back to not having this power.

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