Blaze is the son of Rex and Caroline McLain , the nephew of Ember  and the older brother of Raptor. He is much more powerful than both his father and mother (much to their pride).


While sharing both his parent's level intelligence, Blaze is prideful and arrogant like Rex, but calculating and scheming like Caroline. Yet despite this, he was shown to be more aggressive and animalistic than his father when it comes to combat, but still thinks while fighting much like his mother. He is also protective of his sister Raptor.


Despite his mother being a human like ghost, Blaze takes on a dinosaur like form much like his father. He appears to be a demonic version of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He has black skin and red eyes much like his father, but the bones covering his skin are grey with glowing purple lava. He has 4 glowing grey horns (2 on the back of his head, 2 on the front), as well as big grey flaming spikes on his back extending right to the tail.  He is roughly bigger and 3 inches taller than his father, standing at "10'5".


  • He is the main antagonist of the film of Danny Phantom: Wraith: Son of Rex and had made subsequent appearances in the show.
  • He has all of his parent's powers as well as an even stronger version ghostly wail called "Ghostly Roar." 
  • His strength is such that's he's even more powerful than his father (until he reached his King Tyrant form).

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