Botanokinesis (AKA plant powers or plant manipulation) is the ability to manipulate, control, and conjure plants. It is considered and extremely rare type of power.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media

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In the original Danny Phantom series, the only known character to possess Botanokinesis is Undergrowth, the giant plant monster ghost. He used his powers in "Urban Jungle" to corrupt and enslave the humans of Amity Park using mind-controlling vines inserted into the back of a person's neck, including Sam Manson, of whom he favored for her genuine love of plants -- his "children" as he would refer to nature. The only way to stop him and end his reign of terror onto the city was found to be ice; plants die during winter.

Danny had been struggling to understand his cold spell problem before Undergrowth's rise to power, and after fleeing into the Ghost Zone for safety, he was rescued by Frostbite in the Far Frozen and then underwent training to control his newfound Cryokinesis. Ultimately, he returned to Amity Park before Undergrowth could kill off the human population and managed to defeat him by freezing his roots -- his source of power.

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