SC Box Ghost Profile 1
The Box Ghost
Also Known AsCrate Creep (by Jazz)
RaceHuman (Formerly)
Ghost (Currently)
OccupationWarehouse Transport Services Worker (Former)
Alignment"Bad" (Self-Proclaimed)
Marital StatusSingle (Assumed)
Known RelationsNone Known
ResidenceCollections Warehouse (Ghost Zone)
Voice ActorRob Paulsen (Original)
First AppearanceOriginal: "One of a Kind" (Season 1)

Fanon: "School-Shocked" (Season 1)

UniverseSC Stories

The Box Ghost (AKA "Crate Creep") is a character from the original show. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a character within the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series.

Background Information

Not much is known of the Box Ghost or his former life, mostly because nobody cares enough to ask. However, based on evidence from the original series, he was once a warehouse transporter or a worksite mover and died on the job (although, the details are never specified). As a ghost, he haunts various warehouse locations and will use any form of packages -- rectangular, square, or otherwise oddly-shaped -- as weaponry against humans or fellow ghosts. He often causes minor inconveniences to his targets, at best, and is not perceived as a real threat when compared to more formidable ghosts.



Relationship with Danny Phantom

When Danny was first learning to use his powers, the Box Ghost seemed like a threat to him, but by the end of the original series, it became clear that Danny no longer considers him as a major concern.

Season 1

The Box Ghost continually tries to haunt Danny in the hopes of "enacting his corrugated cardboard revenge," but they do not tend to spend enough time together (outside of battle) to talk. They have virtually no connection and there seems to be little initiative for either one to change this.

Season 1 Episodes

The Box Ghost is primarily a strong tertiary character, appearing in multiple episodes with little to no development during the first season. He is usually seen antagonizing Danny and shows little interest in harming his friends or family.

  • School-Shocked (Ep. 1) -- Pending...
  • Under Fire (Ep. 7) -- Pending...
  • Blazing Hearts (Ep. 14) -- Pending...

Season 2 Episodes



The Box Ghost, in his ghost form, has short black hair, a Cabochon head shape with a bulbous chin, what appears to be a broken (or just oddly-shaped) nose, dark eyebrows, red eyes, light blue skin, a husky body type, and he "stands" around 5'4" (American standard measurement).

  • Season One -- The Box Ghost is identical to his mainstream media appearance during Season One. He wears a wisteria blue beanie with matching overalls that have one large front pocket and two back pockets, a blue-faded white T-shirt, grey-blue working gloves, and a pair of off-black shoes with pointed tips and small heels.

Voice Actor(s)

His original voice actor was Rob Paulsen, so he continues to be desired.


  • In light of his role in the original series, the Box Ghost continues to be mostly static character, only serving as a comedic relief antagonist to the main cast. He is not expected to undergo serious development at this time.

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