Box Ghost
Known RelationsLunch Lady
Box Lunch (future daughter)
ResidenceGhost Zone, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorRob Paulsen
First AppearanceTBA
UniverseThe Two Phantoms

The Box Ghost is a character from the original show. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a recurring antagonist within The Two Phantoms series.

Background InformationEdit




Voice Actor(s)Edit

Rob Paulsen reprises his role as the Box Ghost.


  • One of the running gags in The Two Phantoms now is the Box Ghost having a crush on Penelope Spectra. Whenever he encounters Spectra's first human form (from "My Brother's Keeper"), he'd get an ecto-nosebleed. And when he encounters Spectra's second human form (from "Doctor's Disorders"), he faints.
    • This was inspired by Clyde McBride's crush on Lori in the Loud House, which is also a running gag in the show.

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