Caroline McLain
Known RelationsEmber McLain (Sister)
Rex (Husband)
ResidenceGhost Zone
UniverseDanny Phantom: Wraith

Caroline McLain is an original character in the Danny Phantom: Wraith series, created by Williamstrother.

Background InformationEdit

She is the older and more powerful sister of the ghostly rock star Ember McLain. She looks like her sister, but doesn't wear a ponytail. Also unlike her sister, she doesn't use music during a fight (as she has a ghostly wail much like Danny). She is also the wife and apprentice of the infamous Ruasonid known as Rex.

Unlike her wild and rebellious sister, Caroline is a mature, level-headed, quick-witted and a sophisticated planer. She is also a far more ruthless and adapt fighter than her sister. Despite sharing her sister's taste in music, she often disapproves of her rebellious and rowdy behavior. Despite being not as reckless as her sister, she is more sadistic and deranged that she enjoys watching the pain of others while taunting her opponents.


Caroline has long flaming white hair (without the pony tail and significantly longer), has a pale white face and green eyes with make up. She also wears a dark grey overcoat, a skull like necklace, a black tank top,  silver cone like earrings and dark green lipstick. She also wears the same boots as her sister.


  • She also serves as the second most prominent villian in Danny Phantom: Wraith, next to Rex. 
  • Her power is equal to the Fright Night as she is shown to be one of the strongest characters in the series.
  • Her ghostly wail is a stronger type called "Ghostly Scream."
  • She later serves as the main villain of the first arc of Danny Phantom: Wraith.
  • She is also the archenemy of Wraith as she was the one who framed him by overshadowing the killer and murdering his stepfather so he wouldn't be able to warn anyone of Rex's return to the Human world.

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