Cryokinesis (AKA Freezing or Ice Powers) is the ability to generate, harness, and control ice. If the energy is contained inside the user's body for too long, it can cause damage to them. The cold energy will slowly freeze them from the inside out, and if a user does not learn to properly control their power, it can be fatal. It is considered an uncommon power amongst ghosts and other supernatural beings.

Notable Aspects

Sub-powers of this ability include:

The opposing force(s) of this ability is/are:

Mainstream Media

Klemper's Cryokinesis

Frostbite's Cryokinesis

Danny's Cryokinesis
Danny Phantom

Vortex's Cryokinesis

Mainstream Media
Element TypeIce
Known UsersDanny Phantom
Members of the Far Frozen

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Within the original Danny Phantom series, approximately seven characters are known to have this type of ability or at least a sub-power of it.

  • The first is Klemper, who exhibits ice breath as an attack in "Fanning the Flames." Living in an arctic region of the Ghost Zone, he seems to demonstrate control over his powers and does not mind living in the cold environment.
  • Starting in "Infinite Realms," Frostbite is introduced and reveals that he and the other members of the Far Frozen in the Ghost Zone have developed an entirely unique culture around cryokinetic abilities, and so they are experts in the field. Frostbite is first to realize that Danny Phantom will develop ice powers because of his ghost sense, which is a sub-power of cryokinesis.
  • In "Urban Jungle," Danny officially begins to develop cryokinetic abilities, which is demonstrated by his inability to control his shivering. When he enters the Ghost Zone and ultimately freezes over, he is saved by Frostbite and brought to the Far Frozen where he is first stabilized, and then undergoes training for his newfound ice powers. Once he is confident in himself, he uses these powers to defeat Undergrowth - because plants cannot grow in winter - and save Amity Park from becoming a permanent overgrown habitat. He uses these powers variously through the end of the series from then on.
  • In "Torrent of Terror," the weather-manipulating ghost, Vortex, demonstrates that one of his many element-based powers is cryokinesis. When matched against Danny Phantom, he has no trouble either deflecting or absorbing Danny's attacks, but his mistake is blasting the boy with a surge of energy so great that it allowed Danny to absorb some of Vortex's weather-controlling abilities. His own powers are used against him when Danny, with help from his friends, focuses strategically patterned attacks against him.

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