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Daniel Phantom: Good or Evil? is a spin-off series created by Cartoon44.

Series OverviewEdit

18 years have past since Daniel fought off all the ghosts in the ghost zone and married his girlfriend, Samantha. But when his 30th birthday comes around, Clockwork, the master of time comes and tells Daniel that he's worried about what's going to happen to him. Daniel then gets worried himself. He has the same looks as his supposed future self-same powers- and same abilities. All he needs next is for himself to turn evil, and then MASS DESTRUCTION for everyone.


  • Daniel Phantom
  • Samantha
  • Clockwork
  • Alex Phantom (son of Dantha)
  • Ghost self -- One of the main villians
  • Vlad Masters -- Double-sided


  • "Danny to Daniel"
  • "Vlad Masters, the Elderly Man Next Door"

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