Danny & Sam is a spin-off of Danny Phantom.


The show focuses on Danny Fenton and Sam Manson (along with new characters Rachel Dawson, Diane, and Greg Osbourne) doing anything special in their life in school, at home, and somewhere in and outside Amity Park.


David Kaufman

  • Danny Fenton
  • Sam "Samuel" Manson ("Dany Phantom")

Grey Delisle

  • Sam Manson
  • Dani Phantom ("Dani Phantom")

Kath Soucie

  • Rachel Dawson
  • Maddie Fenton
  • Lunch Lady Ghost ("Role Reversal")
  • Amanda (Peter's Mom and Sam's Aunt)
  • Vanessa Plasmius ("Dani Phantom")

Janice Kawaye

  • Diane Kiyoko
  • Kwannie ("Dani Phantom")

Will Friedle

  • Greg Osbourne
  • Steven ("Dani Phantom")

Jason Marsden

  • Dash Baxter
  • Ralph (Peter's Dad and Sam's Uncle)

Maria Canals Barrera

  • Paulina

Tara Strong

  • Star
  • Britney Britney
  • Rebecca Osbourne
  • Gwendolyn Kiyoko (Diane's Baby Sister)
  • Spectra ("Role Reversal")
  • Ember ("Role Reversal")

James Sie

  • Kwan
  • Richard Kiyoko

Cree Summer Francks

  • Valerie Gray
  • Taylor Foley ("Dani Phantom")

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

  • Jazz Fenton

Rob Paulsen

  • Jack Fenton
  • Technus ("Role Reversal")
  • Box Ghost ("Role Reversal")

Rickey D'Shon Collins

  • Mayor Tucker Foley

Jennifer Hale

  • Eva Dawson (Rachel's Mom)
  • Jackie Fenton ("Dani Phantom")
  • Darcy Baxter ("Dani Fenton")

Jeff Bennett

  • David Osbourne (Greg's Dad)
  • Steve Dawson (Rachel's Dad)
  • Three-Headed Monster's First Head ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Lothar ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")

June Angela

  • Felicia Kiyoko (Diane's Mom)
  • Shelly Makamoto

S. Scott Bullock

  • Jeremy Manson
  • Beautiful Day Monster ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Mean Mama ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Luncheon Counter Monster ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")

Laraine Newman

  • Pamela Manson
  • Mrs. Lancer ("Dani Phantom")

Phil Morris

  • Damon Gray (Valerie's Dad)

Ron Perlman

  • Mr. Lancer

Pamela Adlon

  • Peter (Sam's Cousin)
  • Youngblood ("Role Reversal")

Tom Kenny

  • Blue Frackle ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Three-Headed Monster's Middle Head ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")

Mark Hamill

  • Tamanilla Grinderfall ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Green Frackle ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Undergrowth ("Video Game Madness")

Dee Bradley Baker

  • Woolly Mammoth ("Video Game Madness")
  • Carnotaurus ("Video Game Madness")
  • Werewolf ("Video Game Madness")
  • Yeti ("Video Game Madness")
  • Dragon ("Video Game Madness")
  • Three-Headed Monster's Last Head ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Snake Frackle ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")

Kevin Michael Richardson

  • Gorgon Heap ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Codzilla ("Sam's Halloween Adventure")
  • Big V ("Sam's Nightmare")
  • Skulker ("Role Reversal")

Keith Ferguson

  • Danny Fenton (singing voice in "Casper High Musical" and "RV Having Fun Yet?")
  • Jace Fenton ("Dani Phantom")

Josh Keaton

  • Eric (Rachel's new boyfriend)

Phil LaMarr

  • Geoffrey (Valerie's boyfriend)
  • Victor Gray ("Role Reversal")

Carlos Alazraqui: Paul ("Dany Phantom")


List of Danny & Sam episodes

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