Golden Book Video released a short series of videos adapting Danny Phantom books. The videos apply a small amount of limited animation to the original illustrations, with character voice-overs. The only veteran actors involved in the voice cast include Grey Delisle, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Kath Soucie, Tara Strong, Jim Ward, Julie Kavner, Tom Kane, Jason Marsden, and Jess Harnell.

Three Danny Phantom StoriesEdit



  • The name has been changed in this video. Pamela Manson is renamed "Aunt Felicia" and voiced by Kath Soucie.
  • Tucker's caterpillar, Squiggly, is voiced by Kath Soucie and Squirmy by Grey Delisle.
  • Dani Phantom was added into Accidents Happen, via recycling illustrations from Danny Phantom and Dani Phantom's Big and Little Book, with a running gag involving Dani attempting to make Sam Manson tell the truth. This was most likely done to help pad out the story to an extended length to fit the running time for video length. Neither AnnaSophia Robb nor Krista Swan reprised the role of Dani; instead, she's voiced by Ariel Winter.

Five Danny Phantom StoriesEdit



  • In the final story, due to the absence of Maria Canals in the voice cast, Paulina is renamed "Gloria" and voiced by Grey Delisle. Similarly, Dash Baxter is voiced by Jason Marsden and Valerie Gray by Grey Delisle also, due to the absence of Scott Bullock and Cree Summer in the voice cast. Similarly, with David Kaufman and James Sie unavailable to provide voices, the offscreen voice (again by Grey Delisle) describes what Kwan and Danny Fenton are saying.
  • Some things were omited from The Exciting Adventures of Super Bird. These include Super Bird's demonstration of "Super Flying," a story about Super Bird vs. the "Hot Fudge Monster," and an advertisement starring Paulina as a "98.oz Weakling" (parodying the old Charles Atlas ads), most likely for timing.

Eight Super Danny Phantom StoriesEdit

Reissue of the two previous releases.

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