20 years from now, in Amity Park, "Daniel" Phantom and "Samantha" Manson were flying through the skies together in harmony.

"Dan, this is..." Sam said. "Great?" Asked Daniel. As they stopped in mid-air, closing their eyes and pucking their lips, a great big plane stopped by and saw the two. Daniel pushed Samantha to the side and said, "WHAT? A GHOST MAN CAN'T HAVE PRIVACY?" Daniel yelled. He howled with his green ghostly hallow and sent the plane flying off, catapulting towards Earth. "Dan?! What's wrong with you?!" Samantha said. She got on her jetpack, glaring at Dan and flew to save the plane.

"Aw, man....what's wrong with me?!" Dan yelled looking at his green-flame hair. "I get overly mad at a plane for privacy? I know the pilot guy's gotta learn, but I do too. Who even am I?" He said, depressed.

"I'm sorry." Daniel said with Samantha in a cafe, drinking Tea at a two-people sized table. "You know what? NO! This is the 4th or 5th time you've lost it in front of public!" Samantha screamed, smashing her tea cup on the table. "I WANTED PRIVACY, SAMANTHA! AND THOSE IDIOTS ON THE PLANE COULDN'T TAKE ONE LITTLE HINT THAT I JUST WANTED A ROMANTIC MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!" Daniel screamed, flaring the flames on his head to go over size. All the people of the cafe screamed in terror and ran off, hoping they wouldn't be Daniel's next victim. "Daniel was supposed to be the world's top hero! Not the world's top villian!" A balded old man said running out of the cafe. "That guy was supposed to be a hero? He looks like a freak to me!" A woman said running from the fire exit.

Daniel clutched his fist tighter, ready to tackle his wife, Samantha. Right before he grabbed her arm, he dropped himself and slouched on the table. "Samantha...something's wrong with me..." "And?" Samantha asked. "I need help." Daniel said.

"Of course I will help you, Honey." Sam said. Daniel tapped her cheek with his lips and held her hands. "So. Anger issues. What do you think we can do?"