Electrokinesis (AKA lightning or electric powers) is the ability to manipulate, control, or conjure electricity. Depending on the level of power and control by any given possessor, they can be capable of basic attacks (such as generating, shooting, or reflecting electricity) or more advanced attacks (such as completely atomizing matter within range or killing someone by electrocution). It is considered a rare type of power.

Notable Aspects

This ability is a sub-power of:

Natural weaknesses to this ability include:

  • Rubber or Silicate products
  • Earth (such as dirt)

Mainstream Media

Technus Electrokinesis

Vlad's Electrokinesis
Vlad Plasmius

Dan Phantom's Electrokinesis
Dan Phantom

Vortex Electrokinesis

Mainstream Media
Element TypeElectric
Known UsersTechnus
Vlad Plasmius
Dan Phantom

Within the original Danny Phantom series, a good amount of ghost characters possess this ability.

  • Being known for his electrokinetic core, which gives him full control over technology, Technus is first to exhibit this power because it is revealed that main element is electricity. He first uses this in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."
  • Starting in "Bitter Reunions," Vlad Plasmius demonstrates having some basic control of electrokinesis, such as the Ghost Stinger, which is an attack he likes to use especially on Danny during battle. While stronger than Danny, the two of them do seem to share at least a very weak control of this ability.
  • Seen only in "The Ultimate Enemy," the evil future fusion, Dan Phantom, also possesses this ability, but in a much stronger respect than the two beings who make up his form. He mostly just uses his powers to stun, sting, or kill his victims with electrocution.
  • The last ghost introduced with this ability is Vortex, of which it is a sub-power derived from Atmokinesis. His level of control is the strongest of any ghost shown with electrical powers.

SC Stories

Within the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series, a handful of characters, mostly imported from mainstream media, demonstrate a command of this ability. Pending more...

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