Ghost and the Machine is a Danny Phantom movie. It is a Danny Phantom and My Life as a Teenage Robot crossover.


The Fentons, Sam, and Tucker go to Tremortom for an inventor's convention while the Casper High Ravens go to take on the Tremorton High Quakers. Meanwhile, Technus and the Cluster become allies as he takes control of everything in town with computer chips (including Jenny). Like all good villains, however, he can't resist a good double-cross, so he takes control of the entire Cluster from Vexus on down as well. Danny has to take on Jenny to stop him.


  • Tuck defends Brad and Sheldon from Dash (with a little help from Jenny).
  • Jenny vs. Danny.
  • Tuck tries to shut down the possessed Jenny.


Tuck: [As he prepares to shut down Jenny] All right, I'll do it for Jenny. But as my big brother, could you please do something for me first, Brad?
Brad: Sure, little bro. What?
Tuck: Forbid me from doing it!