H'rull was the main villian at the end of the Invasion Arc of Danny Phantom: Wraith. He was once the weakest of Queen Salener's underlings, being pushed around by her and the others until it was revealed he was the last of a powerful alien race that once dominated the universe. After reaching his race's primary form and state, he killed the Queen and her entire Empire to destroy the Earth himself, but not before testing the stregnth of Danny and his allies

Appearnce Edit

Orginally H'rull appeared as white skinned weak and short creature with green eyes. When he reached his true form, he took on the appearnce of a large white Anodite/Mewtwo like mouthless creature.


H'rull was once a timid and weak-natured being with a low opinion on himself who held a strong  desire to impress the Queen. However this willingness to impress his allies turned into pure hatred after being mistreated soo much that he learned of his heritage and true power. After reaching his true form, he became a calm, cool and collected individual with a strong desire to find someone capable of matching him.


  • Ironically despite orginally being the "weakest" of Queen Salener's soldiers, he became the most powerful villian of the series (until he was surpassed by Rex's Tyrant Form and Dan Phantom in the final season).
  • After being killed  by Jazz in the 7th season, H'rull became a resident in the Ghost Zone with Queen Salener as his slave.

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