"Hai Dark" is the son of Pariah Dark and Queen Dāku and a character of Danny Phantom: Wraith. He was soon revealed to be the father of Rick Mercer, also known as Wraith.


Hai is a ruthless and power-hungry, yet honorable ghost who prefers to fight fair. He was often rebellious  as obsessed with defeating his father. Ash also though little of himself as a father and didn't know about Rick until he realized he was his son.


Hai wears a black and teal coat with a gold  dragon pattern, teal pants, teal claw like gaunlets, black pants and boots covered in gold buckles. He also has long past waist white dreadlocks, an Asain Styled beard, and similar facial features to his Rick.


  • His personaility is similar to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

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