Jack Fenton
OccupationGhost Hunter
Marital StatusMarried to Maddie
Known RelationsMaddie Fenton (wife)
Danny Fenton (son)
Jazz Fenton (daughter)
Danielle Fenton (adoptive daughter)
ResidenceFenton Works, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorRob Paulsen
First Appearance"Adopt the Phantom" (season 1)
UniverseThe Two Phantoms

Jack Fenton is a character from the original show. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a major character within The Two Phantoms series, being Danny and Jazz's father, as well as the adoptive father of Danielle.

Background InformationEdit


Alternate FuturesEdit

In the Season 3 episode "A Question of Time", in an alternate reality, neither Jack nor Vlad got the ecto-acne, but Maddie did, thanks to Danny (actually Dark Danny in disguise). In this timeline, neither Jack nor Vlad are married, and are good friends, starting their own ghost-hunting company, the Fenton-Masters Works. Jack, however, really misses Maddie, who herself is now a half-ghost, and they soon enough are revealed to still love each other. He, Maddie, Danielle and the real Danny team up when it turns out Dark Danny went back in time, disguised as Danny Fenton in the past and messed up the time on purpose, as they all discovered the alternate world.

Vlad, being caught on the job more than solving the time paradox, seemingly kills Maddie with his ghost hunting equipment, therefore ruining his and Jack's friendship. Jack then throws Vlad into the Ghost Zone before both Danny and Danielle go back and fix everything.



Voice Actor(s)Edit



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