These are a list of episodes from Danny Phantom Fanon 2.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes First Aired Last Aired
1 20 November 5, 2007 April 18, 2008

Season 1 (2007-2008)Edit

# Title Title Screen Caption Overview Airdate Title Card
1/2 The Darkness Within Unleash Your Dark Side! Vlad is back and has unleashed a worldwide plague that has erased his identity from the memories of the whole planet and everything following that. To make things worse, he has "thanked" Jack for leaving him in space. Now Danny, once again with his identity secret, is blamed for Jack's injuries. Bitter with revenge, Danny finds a dark substance that bonds with him, giving him a new look and enhanced powers to help get his revenge. However, the longer he uses it, the more aggresive and violent he becomes. It's apparent this "shadow" has a side effect, one that may take his closest friends to save him Can he come back to his old self or be forever lost to "The Darkness Within"? November 5, 2007
3 The Haunting of Danny Phantom It'll Haunt You For Life! With the Dark-Shadow gone and his secret no longer known, Danny's life is back to normal. However, he is filled with guilt over what has happened with him empowered by the Dark-Shadow. Stuck in an emotional slump full of guilt, Danny has completely dropped out of life. Things get from worse to even more worse as the Dark-Shadow is still alive, finding a host with Ricky Jones, becoming a mosntrous halfa named "Haunting"! With Danny's powers and none of his heart, Haunting's one goal is revenge against Danny for all he blames him for. Desperate to put his past behind him, Danny decides to battle with Haunting on his own. Can Danny overcome an opponent of such a thirst for revenge? November 6, 2007
4 Fatal Mentality It'll Make You Lose Your Mind! As Danny is adjusting to his cousin under his wing now, and Sam constantly being annoyed by her, Vlad is back in town. However, rather than battle Danny, he has come to get his help. Something happened to Vlad in space that has affected his ghost form, causing him to go insane each time he changes to Vlad Plasmius. Now Danny must awkwardly save his archenemy from himself as he finds a cure for his insanity! November 7, 2007
5 The Quick and The Dread Rootin' Tootin' Terror! Mr. Lancer is retiring after 10 years of unappreciated teaching. His dream is to be appreciated like his ancestor, the cowboy sheriff, Longshot Lancer, who brought down crazed outlaw, Quickstrike Quentin. Now, generatiosn later, Quickstrike's ghost has arrived to get revenge on the Lancer name! He sets his sight on Mr. Lancer and will stop at nothing to destroy him! Danny tries to save his out of shape teacher but find his powers have no effect on Quickstrike. Now the only way to save Lancer may liy within Lancer himself! November 8, 2007
6 Beauty and the Bertrand It's Slime-Time! After losing to Danny yet again in a chemical factory, Spectra lets her right hand man, Betrand, take the fall for her... into a tub of chemicals! After seemingly melting in the tub, Bertrand come out, in a new more powerful form with enhanced shapeshifting and strength. However, he must now remain mostly in a deformed state. Now desiring to do things on his own, Bertrand wants revenge on his former boss. Danny finds himself saving one of his most dangerous enemies from a disgruntled henchman. November 9, 2007
7 Savage Tales The Wildest Episode Yet! Within Walker's prison lies one of the most dangerous inmates of the Ghost Zone... Savagery, the ghost master of all animals! Savagery has been locked away for crimes against the human race too evil even for some ghosts. But when he manages to escape, he heads straight for Amity Park Zoo. There, while Casper High is on a field trip, he takes full control of the animals. While Danny fights his way through controled beasts, Sam, his animal-loving ex, won't stop arguing how wrong it is fighting animals. But when Savagery, who shows the humans he hates the most are "tree huggers", takes her to be fed to his "pets", she may want to rethink things... if she and the entire class survives! January 5, 2008
8 Ghost of Mars It'll Blast You All The Way To Mars! A small meteor lands in the outskirts of Amity Park. This is no meteor, its a ghost... from Mars! This telepathinc beings causes a rampage throughout Amity Park, but while every sees it as a monster, Danny sees it as something else. After a meet with his ghost, named Xenos, Danny finds out he has come for the Eye of Mars, an object of untold power stolen from his people... and the thief just so happen to be Vlad! Now Danny and his new ecto-alien ally must find Vlad and retrieve the Eye of Mars! January 12, 2008
9/10 The Haunting Hour The Haunting Continues! The Dark-Shadow has returned to Earth and finds its host, Ricky... thus Haunting is reborn! Vlad, seeing this as an opportunity for a new servant, makes a deal with Haunting. If Haunting can steal a new "Solaris" engine, he will give him a "cure" to his weakness to sunlight. However, on the way, Haunting threatens Valerie Gray to stay away from Danny, stating its his purpose alone for revenge. To make things harder, Danny now faces both his archenemy and his worst nightmare...  but when Haunting gets loose, what will Danny do now? January 19, 2008
11 Animal Instinct Unleash the Beast Within Savagery is back! This time he has aplan to put humans "to use". When Sam urges the town to convert to natural water than the water system in town, everything goes good until Savagery infects the water with a new serum, one that turns humans into animals! Now that the city has become zoo, Danny and Sam must stop Savagery as they are the only humans unaffected somehow. But when Danny begins to go from ghost to beast, can he save the day before he sees Sam as a snack? January 26, 2008
12 The Perfect Swarm It'll Make Your Skin Crawl! Ever had a friend who had a crush on your sister... Danny now does; Tucker has developed a crush on Jazz. But someone else has... an evil ghost insect, Insectoid. Deep from the Ghost Zone, this giant bug wants to turn Casper High into a hive, with Jazz as his brainwashed queen. With the entire class in silky webs, Danny and Tucker must save Jazz together, before Danny has a bug for a brother-in-law! February 2, 2008
13 Switching Glitches Body Swapping Madness! Ever since Danielle has joined Danny's family... things haven't exactly been good. The two have been opposing each other and things get worse when Technus uses a new weapon that causes them to switch bodies! Now that Danielle is teenage boy, she decides to live Danny's life to ruin him, only to learn why high school is something big in life. Danny is now a girl who is homeschooled, only to get bored out of his mind. Can they learn to get over their problems and find a way back to normal? February 9, 2008
14 Forces of Nature It's a Natural Disaster! Danny and his class are prepared for a team project on the weather. Danny is paired with Valerie... who isn't acting herself. She knows something about Danny and he isn't aware she knows yet... Meantime, two unlikely allies, Vortex and Undergrowth, unite to take over the town and destroy Danny. Danny's only help may come from Valerie and find out why she is acting differently. March 7, 2008
15 Cruise Control You'll be Seasick! A cruise has become Casper High's new field trip. Deciding everyone needs a vacation, Danny brings Danielle along... however she seems somewhat afraid of the sea... revealing something about her past that gives her a fear of water. Meantime, the Government has secretly placed a weapon onboard the ship and a band of sea monster ghosts, led by a sharky being named Sharkskin, want to use it to sink the country side. Now Danny must help his cousin get over her fear of water to save day! March 14, 2008
16 Nobody's Victims You will fear Nobody! The city has been quiet recently as ghosts are disappearing. Skulker then comes to Danny for help as he reveals that a ghostly vigilante named "Nobody" is kidnapping ghosts who have dome damage in the human world. Villains from weakling like the Box Ghost, Lunch Lady and Klemper to dangers like Ember McLane, Penelope Spectra and Vlad Plasmius become targets. Now Danny and Dani find themselves in an awkward position to save their foes from a wannabe "hero" who is more destructive than he realizes. March 21, 2008
17/18 Ghost in the Machine Armor-plated Evil Vlad's weeks of planning have come true when he unleashes his master plan of revenge... a robotic version of Danny to destroy him. Danny battles this "Metal Danny Phantom" only to find his droid double is built to battle him and outdo him at all his powers. But when Metal Danny develops an insane mind of his own, he betrays Vlad. Now Metal views both ghosts and humans inferior and destroying the world with their antagonistic views of each other. Now, with a new power, Danny must find a way to stop this rampaging robot before its too late. April 4, 2008
19 Imp Impossible Our specialty... the Impossible! A new ghost has come to Amity Park... a tiny childish ghost which the group calls Devlin. Devlin may seems chidlish and carefree, but he shows he is more powerful than any ghost before. He can turn into anything... he can do anything... no thermos can hold him, no ghost ray can hurt him... but something about him seems familiar. With this impish little nightmare, Danny will have to quarentine him... because if he gets to the city... it could become a catastrophe! April 11, 2008
20 Crown and Punishment The royal treatment! Being the youngest in the household now... Danielle has been taking orders... from Danny, from her uncle and even from Sam and Tucker.  But when the Crown of fire ends up in her hands, she finds it has a power when worn by a human... complete control over all humans! Now as the "queen of Amity Park" she beings abusing her powers when all, except Danny, who is protected by his powers, obey her. However, both Vlad Plasmius and Freakshow desire the crown and now "team up" to get it. Now Danny must enlist help from some ghostly friends to save Danielle and show her what she's become. April 18, 2008

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