These are a list of episodes in the Sam Manson: Monster Hunter series. The first two seasons contain 26 episodes, and the third and final season contains 13 episodes. A total of 65 episodes were produced spanning out 3 seasons.

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
1 Monster Hunter In Training Starting off two weeks after Danny Phantom's series finale, "Phantom Planet", Sam Manson becomes a chosen one to hunt down monsters and other forces of darkness who try to attack her friends, her school, Amity Park, and the whole world, equipped with rifle guns, tranquilizer guns, TNT, a blade (for slashing down zombies), silver objects (for stopping werewolves and werecats), stinkbombs (for scaring off monsters and vampires), a sunstone amulet (for killing vampires), a blaster loaded with garlic water (for making vampires itch), stakes (for stabbing vampires to death), large nets, a blaster loaded with hot sauce (for hunting down zombies), seven gas masks (for protection against stench and smoke; one given to her, the other six given to Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Greg, Diane, and Rachel), a pair of welding goggles (for eye protection against sand, fire, and light), a walkie talkie, and flashlights. Later, zombies emerge from the grave and try to attack Amity Park and Sam and the gang have to stop them all.
2 Driven To Destruction Jazz has given a car named Suzetta, which turns out to be evil, have a soul by Satan, and kill and attack people.
3 Beware The Glob When a city hall cafeteria waitress discovers Tucker's formula in the refrigerator, she accidentally mistakes it for the secret ingredient to her chocolate pudding---and once it is part of the recipe, the pudding grows and grows until it's large enough to devour everything in its way! With a waitress, Tucker, Jazz, and others in its belly, it's up to Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg to cooperate to stop its rampage.
4 The Spider Queen's Wrath The Spider Queen takes control of Amity Park by letting her giant spider minions kidnap all of Sam's friends.
5 The Werewolf In Amity Park Dash Baxter gets bitten by a werewolf and is turned into one.
6 Toxic Terror The gang are on a lookout for a mean, deadly, mutated toxic waste monster in a toxic waste dump somewhere near Amity Park.
7 Attack Of The Killer Mutated Insects Giant mutant insects try to swarm up Amity Park until Sam Manson saves the day by spraying them down using pesticides.
8 My Cousin's A Vampire! After hunting down vampires by curfew and going to bed, a friendly vampire (who turns out to be her cousin Sheila) comes to Sam's house to help Sam save her from the sun, which she will crumble to dust soon, so she can hide her in the basement closet before her parents see the vampire in her house. When night falls and with Sam's parents out, Sheila wants to hang around with Sam and talk to her that hundreds of years ago she was a vampire slayer, until a vampire bit her and she got turned into a vampire, and the vampire spell became permanent. Sam offers Sheila to eat some fruits and vegetables and to drink juice, until Valerie Gray (her enemy) kidnaps the vampire and attempts to slay her, until Sam must stop her from killing her cousin. (Note: This is only one of two episodes of the series (the second being "The Giant Gila Monster") to not feature Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg, their brief appearances, or mentions of them. Also, for the first time in Danny Phantom history, Sam is tied to a chair and gagged by Valerie who tries to stab Sheila with a stake of her own. Aside from her non-speaking cameo in "Monster Hunter in Training", this is Valerie's first official appearance of the series spinoff. Sam's cousin Sheila would make four more appearances of this series spinoff. Check out her reaction when she first sees Sheila.)
9 Revenge Of The Scarecrow When Danny, his mom Maddie, Sam, and the gang visit Arkansas to visit his aunt Alicia, a scarecrow comes to life and scares away residents of the state. (Note: This is one of only three episodes of the series (the others being "Escape From The Computer" and "The Siren's Shriek") where Maddie appears without her husband Jack, although she does mention his name there.)
10 Gatorzilla A 38-foot-long mutated alligator smashes his way out of the sewers and goes on a rampage through Amity Park. (Note: This is a reference to 1980's "Alligator".)
11 Zombie Outbreak Sam, Jazz, Rachel, and Diane are spray-painting logos on T-shirts to sell them at the mall, but when someone releases a contagious virus that turns everyone, including, Danny, Tucker, and Greg, into mindless monsters, it's up to the girls, equipped with gas masks, to save the day. (Note: This is very similar to Motorcity's "Going Dutch".)
12 It Came From Another Planet Amity Park is invaded by evil Martians. (Note: This is a reference to 1996's "Mars Attacks".)
13 The Day The Population Stood Still A giant bat-like flying monster causes the whole population of the world (including Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg) to be frozen, except for Sam, who remains immune from being frozen and has to attack it in order to make her friends free. (Note: This is very similar to Sym-Bionic Titan's "I Am Octus", and Sam is Octus to Danny's Lance.)
14 The Vampire Who Came Over Sam tries to get Danny and the gang to believe that her vampire cousin named Sheila comes to visit Amity Park, but they never believe her since vampires never exist. However, when Sheila comes in, she disguises herself in human form, acting like Amity Park's transfer student. Later, despite no one believing Sam, Sheila's evil vampire brother invades Amity Park and turns Sam into a vampire, and it's up to Danny and the gang to stop him and then revert her to normal. (Note: In last series' episode "Beauty Marked", Sam wore fake vampire fangs when she auditioned for the beauty pageant. For this episode she wears them again, believing Danny and his friends what a vampire does and looks like and bites him in the neck. We should find out later in the episode when she gets bitten by Sheila's vampire brother and turned into one. This is most likely one of just a few episodes where Sam isn't the protagonist but a villain. Plus, like she was in a couple of early episodes of last series, Valerie Gray is voiced by Grey Delisle in a cameo appearance during her job as a Nasty Burger waitress.)
15 The Mummy's Curse Sam and Jazz get trapped in a museum with an ancient mummy that is cursed. Will they ever break the curse before facing his wrath?
16 Possessed! When Rachel and Diane are are possessed by a hideous demon, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Greg must stop the demon in order to save them. (Note: This is a reference to 1973's "The Exorcist".)
17 Boogeyman Attacks The gang witness kids being taken away by the Boogeyman who creeps under the bed and from the closet.
18 Beware Of The Killer Townhouse The gang discover an old, possessed townhouse that causes all of Amity Park's residents to be devoured. (Note: This is a reference to 2006's "Monster House".)
19/20 Halloween Night Everyone is attending a Halloween dance at Casper High and Sam's vampire cousin Sheila is joining them when Sheila's evil father shows up, trying to turn Amity Park into vampires, and is up to Sam, Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, Greg, and Sheila to stop him. That is, until Sam, Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg are turned into vampires too, one by one, until only Sheila can save all her friends--by destroying her father with sunlight. (Note: Among the people who get bitten and get turned into vampires include Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Dash, Kwan, Paulina, Star, Jack and Maddie Fenton, Jeremy and Pam Manson, Angela and Maurice Foley, Mr. Lancer, and later Rachel, Diane, Greg, and Sam Manson. This is very similar to Archie's Weird Mysteries' "Halloween of Horrors". Also, it is the first of only six episodes without a cold opening and title card, the others being "Island Of The Lost", "Return Of The Living Dead", "Thanksgiving Witch Switch", "Sam Saves Christmas", and "The Ultimate Enemy". Plus, it is the first of six hour-long episodes of the series.)
21/22 Island Of The Lost After being swept away in a whirlpool from a boat trip across the sea, the gang get stranded on a very strange island populated by dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. However, things go wrong when large meat-eating dinosaurs try to eat them, pterodactyls and plesiosaurs try to attack them, and saber-toothed cats try to kill them, until Sam has to stop them using her tranquilizer gun, in order for the gang to survive and try to escape the island. (Note: The dinosaur landscape scene is very similar to the one in 1993's "Jurassic Park".)
23 Escape From The Computer Sam gets trapped in a computer when a killer virus is placed in a computer game until she tries to stop him from escaping into the real world.
24 Day Of The Shadows Shadow creatures take over the world and makes everyone vanish, until Sam is left to save them and stop them. (Note: Not to be confused with the Martin Mystery episode of the same name.)
25 Attack Of The Werecat A werecat bites Paulina and Star, turning them into werecats.
26 The Day Amity Park Moved A huge killer worm threatens to terrorize Amity Park.

Season 2 (2015-2016)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
27 The Beast Of The River Danny and Sam spend some time together on a river cruise when a swamp monster that has a crocodile's head, a turtle's shell, a frog's webbed feet, and a shark's tail terrorizes them.
28 It Came From Swimming Pools A man-sized, sharp-toothed, frog-like monster terrorizes swimming pools every night.
29 Revenge Of The Leeches A huge mutant leech sends his swarm of mind-controlled leeches to turn everyone, including Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, Greg, and Danny's parents, into mindless zombies to destroy Danny and Sam. (Note: In last series' episode, "Urban Jungle", Undergrowth possesses everyone using his mind vines. Like it did before, the mutant leech's swarm of mind-controlled leeches do the same thing to everyone else besides Danny and Sam. The only way to kill a mind leech is to freeze one and destroy it, turning its host back to normal. When a host gets mind-controlled by a leech, his/her eyes become blue instead of green. The solution to destroy the mutant leech is to kill him with liquid nitrogen, which causes all the mind leeches to die, making everyone back to normal.)
30 Frozen City A ferocious ice dragon freezes Amity Park, making it a whole Ice Age.
31/32 Return Of The Living Dead Amity Park is infested with zombies, and it is up to Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg for an attempt to kill them using hot sauce. But it fails when more and more zombies show up and bite the group, leaving Sam the only survivor left, until Sam finally wakes up and finds that she was having a very bad dream. (Note: This is very similar to the 6teen Halloween special, "Dude Of The Living Dead". Not to be confused with the 1985 movie of the same name.)
33 Wrath Of The Robot Monster A robotic monster, created by an angry scientist (which is incorrectly referred to as a mad scientist), invades Amity Park, scaring off its residents.
34 Curse Of The Genie An evil genie causes chaos in Amity Park and makes Danny, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg rendered helpless by his power, until Sam must stop him.
35 Sewer Lord Every person is exposed to a dangerous chemical called Rat Rot, which transforms one into a humanoid rat, until Sam tries to stop them by using an antidote.
36 The Terrifying Clown An evil clown tries to kill children and people.
37/38 Thanksgiving Witch Switch The gang head for Salem, Massachusetts, to meet Sam's friendly witch cousin named Sara (who also looks like her except with very long black hair with red highlights, dark green eyes, dark red lipstick, dark red fingernails, paler skin, a black and red dress with red sleeves draping down her shoulders, black ankle shoes with red tints, red and black fingerless gloves that end at the elbow, and a red bat necklace) for Thanksgiving. However, things go out of control when Sam gets mistaken for a witch and is going to be burned at the stake, until Sara uses her magic to save her from being killed. Unfortunately for Sam, Sara's mother (a wicked witch) tries to get revenge on her, until it's up to her friends to stop her and save Sam from being petrified. (Note: The scene where Sam Manson is mistaken for a witch was also recycled from the same scene in Danny Phantom's "Infinite Realms". The only difference is that her hands are tied to the stake and she's gagged overnose. Plus, Sara will appear two more times in this series. In fact, Sara is very similar to the Hex Girls' Thorn from "Scooby Doo & The Witch's Ghost", with the same wardrobe and voice actor.)
39 The Giant Gila Monster During the Mansons' road trip to an annual event in Nevada, a giant Gila monster terrorizes the state's residents and Sam tries to stop the lizard before they make it there. (Note: Not to be confused with the 1959 episode of the same name.)
40 Skunk Bear! A large skunk-bear hybrid tries to make Amity Park smell bad until the gang (armed with gas masks for stench protection) must stop the beast.
41 Revenge Of The Giant Crab On vacation on a tropical island during spring break, a giant monster crab ruins the gang's vacation, destroying all hotels and attacking people.
42 Cinemadness Tucker does a spell to make a character he's crushing on from an old dinosaur action film come to life, only to have Deinonychuses in that same film come to life as well, until the gang must stop them and bring them all back where they came from. (Note: The Deinonychus scene is a reference to the Velociraptor scene of 1993's Jurassic Park. Not to be confused with the Archie's Weird Mysteries episode of the same name.)
43/44 Sam Saves Christmas Following the celebration of Christmas, an Abominable snowman attempts to destroy Amity Park until Sam tries to stop him in time.
45 Don't Look Up! A huge eagle-like bird attempts to attack Amity Park's residents.
46 Terror Of The California Harbor The gang goes to the California harbor to go sightseeing...only to discover a very large octopus terrorizing the place and attacking people on the pier. (Note: This is a reference to the 1955 movie, "It Came From Beneath The Sea".)
47 The Fire Troll A fire troll attempts to burn down Amity Park after causing a forest fire, until Sam, wearing a gas mask and welding goggles, must stop him by extinguishing with water.
48 Revenge Of The Greek Beasts The gang head for Greece to witness its residents' attacks by the Greek monsters Ceberus, Karkinos, Cyclops, Hydra, Medusa, and a Minotaur.
49 Invasion Of The Piranhas Swarms of giant piranhas terrorize lakes and rivers and attack people. (Note: This is a reference to the 1978 movie, "Piranha".)
50 The Beasts Within The giant sluglike monster makes Sam's friends its hosts until Sam is left to rescue them.
51 The Lake Monster Of Summer Camp Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg attend summer camp outside of Amity Park when they discover the camp is terrorized by a very large plesiosaur-like lake monster.
52 The Haunted Mansion The gang spend a trip to a haunted mansion, however, things go awry when demons emerge and attempt to kill them.

Season 3 (2016-2017)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
53 Beware Of The Gargoyle A big gargoyle wrecks havoc in Amity Park.
54 The Siren's Shriek Every male is affected by a call of a very dangerous siren with a woman's body and a bird's wings and feet, and it's up to Sam, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Sam's cousins Sheila and Sara to stop her. (Note: Sam's cousins Sheila and Sara return in this episode. This episode is only one of two episodes where they appear together.)
55 Urban Desert A huge sand monster messes Amity Park with sand.
56 Contaminated! A contaminating beast turns Amity Park into a life of filth, causing a serious biohazard for the healths of its residents, until the gang, armed with gas masks, must clean the town up and destroy it.
57 Seeing Double Rachel gets bitten by a chameleon, who turns out to be none other than a shapeshifter out to switch bodies with her, until the gang tries to find out which one the real Rachel is. (Note: This is a reference to Are You Afraid Of The Dark's "The Tale Of The Chameleon".)
58 Rocks Of Rage Rock monsters create an avalanche to ruin Amity Park.
59 Garden Of Evil A huge man-eating plant resembling Audrey II invades Amity Park from the forest, spitting out seeds which pucker up into smaller man-eating plants resembling Piranha Plants, and it's up to Danny and Sam to attack the plant using Danny's freezing powers and Sam's blade. (Note: Not to be confused with "Urban Jungle".)
60 Terror Of The Forest The gang goes camping out when a huge Sasquatch terrorizes the forest.
61 Rampage Of The Killer Dinosaur A large dinosaur Spinosaurus escapes from time and goes on a rampage until the gang must stop the monster. The problem is that Sam activates the wrong time period and goes back to 1885, the 1500's, the pirate age, the year where Sam was born, and the future where Sam becomes 24 years old. (Note: Spinosaurus is very similar to the one from 2001's "Jurassic Park 3". Sam's future self resembles Terminatra of last series' episode "Memory Blank" except with purple eyes and lipstick, skin covering the right half of her face, her right arm, and no ponytail.)
62 Night Of The Living Nightmares Tucker, Jazz, Rachel, Diane, and Greg have nightmares that a giant black dinosaur-like monster is out to eat them, until Danny and Sam rescue them by destroying it.
63 Revenge Of The Haunted Forest On their trip to another school outside Amity Park for a field trip, everyone gets stranded in a haunted forest when their bus gets broken down as possessed trees try to attack them.
64/65 The Ultimate Enemy A huge 300-foot-tall killer monster (resembling the Cloverfield Monster) tries to destroy the whole planet and attack its population with his lion-sized prasites, until the gang, as well as Jack and Maddie Fenton, Dash Baxter, Paulina, Star, Kwan, Valerie Gray, Sam's supernatural cousins Sheila and Sara, Danny Phantom's ghost enemies (including the Box Ghost, Lunch Lady Ghost, ...) and Sam's monster enemies (including vampires, zombies, witches, dinosaurs, ...) must stop the beast in order to save the world. (Note: In this series finale, many of Danny Phantom's ghosts (including Lunch Lady Ghost, Box Ghost, Technus, Skulker, Ember, Spectra, Bertrand, etc.) all make a guest appearance, and many of Sam Manson's monster enemies from the show's previous episodes return.)

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