Marcus Kraven
RaceHuman (Formerly)
Ghost (Currently)
Voice ActorUnspecified
First Appearance"Danny Phantom: First Flight"
UniverseWraith Series

Marcus Kraven is the first ghost Danny ever faced. He was a deceassed criminal and mercenary that was killed by the police after being sold out by his employers. He is the main antagonist of the prequel "Danny Phantom: First Flight" and one of the main villians of Danny Phantom: Wraith.


As a human, Marcus was a cynical, dry and stressed out individual who was sick of his criminal life and the hardships he had to deal with. After being killed by the police and sold out by his bosses, he became a vengeful, nihilistic, and bitter spirit consumed by hatred.


Marcus has long past waist grey hair (black as a human), red eyes (blue as a human) and dark grey skin (pale as a human). He wears a dark grey coat and has gunshot wounds on his chest. His facial features also resemble that of a ghoul and a zombie. While in Danny Phantom: Wraith, he wears a more defined coat with spiked arm bracelets and claw like gloves with metal on them.


  • Marcus Kraven resembles Blackout/Ray Carrigan from the film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, except with a much more horrifying, dead like and ghoulish face.
  • He is the series' tertiary antagonist.

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