An introductory episode where we meet the main characters of "Danny Phantom: The Next Generation".



Shout-Outs and ErrorsEdit

  • Danny and Sam's kids have voices similar to that of past TV Show characters.
  • Even though Sarah is 14, the caption says "Sarah Fenton Age: 13".
  • When we first see Sam, her caption gives her last name as "Mason". This is actually 2 errors: 1) Her surname was spelled MANSON not MASON. 2) Her surname would be "Fenton" now anyway because she's married.
  • James and Sarah wouldn't be in the same grade in real life, yet they're both in 10th Grade.
  • James and Sarah's teacher is a lookalike of Butch Hartman, who voices him. This may be a reference to his roles on "Fairly OddParents", both of whom were lookalikes of him: Dr. Rip Studwell and the waiter in "Grow Up Timmy Turner".

Continuity and QuotesEdit

  • James: That's my sister, Sarah. She's such a know-it-all.
  • Mr. Artmann: Now then. Any questions? James: Yeah. I have one. Why am I in the same grade and class as my know-it-all sister? I'm one year older than her.

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