Metamorphosis is the ability to for a being to change their physical and/or spiritual form at will. It is considered a rare power.

Mainstream Media

Bertrand Ghost Form
Bertrand (Actual Form)

Dan Phantom Full Body
Dan Phantom (Actual Form)

Amorpho 1
Amorpho (Actual Form)

Mainstream Media

Within the original Danny Phantom series, there are only three known characters to demonstrate having this ability.

  • The first introduced is Bertrand in "My Brother's Keeper," who primarily uses his powers to maintain a solid form outside of the Ghost Zone. Alongside his master, Spectra, he fights Danny Phantom on Spectra's command in various forms (such a giant hornet, puma, or ninja) to lower his self-esteem, which would then feed his master and make her stronger.
  • The second character to have this ability is Dan Phantom in "The Ultimate Enemy," who uses it to change his appearance to match his younger self in order to go back in time and cause the accident that would result in the death of his family and friends (and Mr. Lancer). Although, it seems he is limited to only being able to change his form to reflect his younger self or possibly Vlad (either Masters, Plasmius, or both). It was never confirmed the limitations of his powers in this specific matter.
  • The last character to have this power is Amorpho, of whom the powers of shapeshifting and transformation are his specialty. He is most noted for having witnessed Danny Phantom in a heroic endeavor, which stirred jealousy about the boy taking the spotlight, so Amorpho shapeshifted into a copy of Danny. His plan to reclaim the spotlight worked too well, and thanks to the Fenton Ecto-Stoppo-Power-Erfier, he and Danny were losing their powers and were forced to work together to reverse the effects. Once done, Armopho was free to shapeshift, but made a truce not to interfere with Danny's affairs -- although, whether he adheres to it is up for debate.

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