SC Mr. Lancer Profile 1
Mr. Lancer
NationalityAmerican (Assumed)
OccupationVice Principal & General Educator at Casper High School
AlignmentPassive Good
Marital StatusSingle (Current)
Known RelationsNone Known
ResidenceAmity Park, USA
Voice ActorRon Perlman (Original)
First AppearanceOriginal: "Mystery Meat" Season 1
Fanon: "School-Shocked" Season 1
UniverseSC Stories

Mr. Lancer is a character from the original series. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a character within the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series.

Background Information

Lancer is notably a high-spirited individual with strong ties to Casper High School. He was once a male cheerleader during the 1980's, which set his loyalty for the school in stone (and probably began his favorable bias towards the athletic department), and went on to become the vice principal in the time of the original series. He was also portrayed as a general educator with students such as Dash Baxter, Danny Fenton, and Sam Manson -- and others -- all of whom he would tutor if needed.

Little is known of his personal life besides the fact that he is a former Casper High student-turned-staff and that he is single, lives alone, and has no children. He once claimed to have a long-distant sister that he had not seen in years, but this was revealed to have been a creative story he created to inspire students (like Danny) to prioritize what is most important to them -- their family, friends, education, etc.



Books Referenced

In respect to the original series, Mr. Lancer continues to use book titles as various exclamations. This list pertains to ones he uses within the SC Stories that were not used in the original show. To be filled in later!

Season 1 Episodes

Mr. Lancer is a supporting character who is often found within Casper High School as a continuing professor to Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, and others.

Season 2 Episodes




Voice Actor(s)

Ron Perlman was his original voice actor, so he continues to be desired.


  • A quick reference guide to the book titles he referred to from the original show can be found here on his main Wiki page.
  • His (last) name was chosen based on a local coffee shop (now a family restaurant) in Burbank, CA near the Nickelodeon HQ called Lancers Restaurant. Mr. Lancer's first name was never released in the series, although in "Teacher of the Year," his Doomed avatar has the letter "L" on it the same was Technus's character had an "N" for Nicolai.
  • As discovered in "Fright Night," his greatest fear is hearing fingernails on a chalkboard.