Kylie McLain
OccupationMusic Teacher
Marital StatusMarried to David McLain
Known RelationsDavid McLain (husband)
Ember McLain (daughter)
ResidenceGhost Zone, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorKari Wahlgren
First AppearanceHistory of the McLains
UniverseThe Two Phantoms

Kylie McLain is an original character within The Two Phantoms series, created by WikiaIvan1997. She is Ember's mother.

Background InformationEdit

Kylie McLain is interested in classical music. When she was still alive, Kylie listened to classical music and was a music teacher, often giving her daughter music lessons. Even after passing away, she still teaches classical music in the Ghost Zone to various ghosts.



Voice Actor(s)Edit

Kylie's voice actress is Kari Wahlgren.


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