The Nasty Burger restaurant is a location from the original show.

Mainstream Media

Nasty Burger 1
Mainstream Media

It is the fast food restaurant where Danny and his friends frequently hang out and appears to be the only fast food place in the city. Generally, it is not known for attracting major ghost attention, but it has at times become a key meeting place for Danny, his friends, or other teenagers.

In "The Ultimate Enemy," the position as the Nasty Burger Manager is used as an example of what career can become any student's who fails the C.A.T. Exam to which the current manager, Irving Burns, admits is true. According to Irving, the boilers in the kitchen must never reach a certain temperature range or else it will overheat and cause a devastating explosion, which Dan Phantom used as the means of his younger self's family and friends' demise.

In "Eye for an Eye" when Vlad Masters became the new mayor, one of his first lines of action was to buy and completely reinvent the Nasty Burger and change the name to "McMasters." When every teenager in town revolted against his "no teenagers" rule, he was forced to revoke the ban and return the eatery to its former glory so he could remain as mayor.


  • The Nasty Burger is a parody of In n' Out Burger. When it was briefly changed to McMaster's, it became a parody of McDonald's.
  • Originally, it was supposed to be named the "Tasty Burger" with the "N" written over by vandals, thus causing a collective joke about it actually being "nasty," but the producers decided to make the official name "Nasty Burger."

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