Randy Phantasm
Persons InvolvedDanny Phantom
Ray Falec
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceUnknown
UniverseDanny Phantom: Wraith

Randy Phantasm is the resulting Fusion of Danny Phantom and Wraith. Unlike Dan Phantom, Randy is a completely different being, but retains both the memories of Danny and Ray.

Background InformationEdit

Randy's personality crosses between Danny and Ray. He has Danny's heroic nature and willingness to protect his friends and family, he also has Ray's love of fighting and street smarts.


Randy's appearance crosses between Danny and Ray's ghost form's. His hair and facial features cross between Danny and Ray's. He has orange eyes and wears a similar outfit to Ray's Wraith form, but with Danny Phantom's colors and logo (except the D is replaced with an R).

Voice Actor(s)Edit



  • Randy was inspired by Gogeta and Vegito from Dragon Ball Z as both characters are the resulting fusion of Goku and Vegeta.
  • His first appearance was in the Phantom Wars saga, Then he made appearances in the films Dan Dark and Naros Unleashed.  He then started to make more appearances in the series, with Randy being both Danny and Ray's strongest form against extremely powerful enemies.
  • Randy is among the most powerful ghosts in the series, with his power being on Par with the Ghost King and is much stronger than Dan Phantom.
  • Unlike Dan Phantom (who turned evil), Randy served on the side of good.

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