Raptor is the daughter of Rex and Caroline McLain, the niece (and number 1 fan) of Ember McLain  and the younger sister of Blaze. While slightly less powerful than her brother, she is still stronger her both parents.


Unlike her brother, Raptor takes on the form of a young white skin human much like her mother and aunt. She has flaming orange/gold hair with a pony tail and purple lipstick. Despite this, she has sharp teeth, has reptilian like green eyes and is taller than her mother, standing around 6'5". She also still retains the volcanic features, bone one like body and tail of a Ruasonid. despite looking more human than her father and brother.


Unlike her brother, Raptor is rebellious and wild like her aunt (due to the fact she's a fan of her music). Because her idolization of her aunt, she been at odds with her mother. She seems also seems to have a typical father/daughter relationship with Rex, as he doesn't like her around boys.  She also has a close relationship with her brother Blaze.


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