Rem McLain
Human (formerly)
Marital StatusDating Penelope Spectra
Known RelationsEmber McLain (cousin)
David McLain (uncle)
Kylie McLain (aunt)
ResidenceGhost Zone, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorJason Marsden (speaking)
David Gaughan (singing)
First Appearance"A Flame to Remember" (season 1)
UniverseThe Two Phantoms

Rem McLain is an original character within The Two Phantoms series, created by WikiaIvan1997.

Background InformationEdit

Rem McLain is a male counterpart to Ember McLain and looks kinda similar to her. Rem's a hard-rocking male ghost who feeds off the idol worship of teenagers and goths (including Danny's love interest, Sam) with his electro-rock, synthpop and new wave sounds. Much like his cousin, Ember, he uses music during a fight, but instead of a guitar, he uses a red & purple keyboard. Rem once put a love spell on Danny to make him fall in love with Ember. His band consists of 4 members, including himself as a lead singer + keyboardist. The other 3 band members play guitar, bass and drums, respectively. Rem has a crush on Penelope Spectra, and is nice to her assistant, Bertrand.

He autotuned his voice, as when he tries singing without autotune, he sounds off-key, much like Tucker.


Rem has short, flaming red hair, has a pale white face and green eyes. He wears a black jacket, a purple T-shirt and dark red pants. Rem also wears boots that look similar to his cousin's. He uses a red & blue keyboard on stage and when fighting other ghosts.

Voice Actor(s)Edit

Rem's main voice actor is Jason Marsden. Rem's voice is similar to Imaginary Gary from The Fairly OddParents!, another show created by Butch Hartman, except much deeper sounding. His fake singing voice, however, is provided by David Gaughan, the lead singer of Depeche Mode.



  • Rem's name is a small part of the word "remember", the second being Ember, his cousin.
  • Rem's music is known to keep Penelope Spectra's human form young and beautiful without the need of feeding on the misery of teenagers.
  • One of the original voice actor choices for Rem McLain was Damon Albarn from Gorillaz, who later went on to voice Sonant.


"Up with Rem, down with Ember!" - Rem McLain dissing his cousin, Ember

"I don't do trios! Duets I can handle, but trios? Not a chance." - Rem taunting Danny and Danielle

"Wait, you're a ghost too? Cool!" - Rem finding out Spectra is a ghost like him

"This song kinda makes me sick. So tragic, yet so terrible." - Rem listening to Ember's song

"Ugh, this guy sings even worse than Tucker!" - Rem's opinion on Thrash's singing