Roy Stone is the deceased younger brother of Abraham "Abe" Stone turned ghost. A former cop, he was 29 years old when he died. He was also a test subject of Umbrus, much like how Rick was.  He is also the main villian of Danny Phantom: Wraith: Rage of Stone.


Roy is 6 foot 5 inches tall and is around the same build as Dash Baxter if not more muscular. He has grey skin, white dreadlocks, pitch white pupils with black irisis, wears grey ear rings, wears a black and dark blue jacket with buckles, black pants and boots. 


Roy was an angry and rebellious young man even for a cop. He often despised his corrupt superiors and would often act on his own do what's truly right. After becoming a ghost and being experimented, Roy lost whatever sanity he had left when he managed to return to Ghost Zone, only to return to the Human World years later and wreck havoc. 


  • Roy was inpired by Broly from Dragon Ball Z.
  • His power is enough to surpass Rex's until Rex got more powerful in his ultimate form with rex taking roy's powers.

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