The Ruasonid (which means "Children of Titan" in their language) are an evil and vile race of powerful demonic dinosaur like ghosts that once dominated and ruled the ghost zone a millennia ago. They are among the key antagonists of Danny Phantom: Wraith, created by Williamstrother.

Species InformationEdit

Ruasonid are very dinosaur like and often look different from each other. Some are either covered in bones or have volcanic traits. They are often known for their evil, vile, savage, cold blooded, violent and omnicidal nature as well as their xenophobic view and profound disdain for other ghosts unless they are willing to pledge loyalty to one of them.

Extremely Intelligent, but animalist and tribal, they are arrogant and do not believe in values such as peace and unity with other races, let alone diplomacy. While caring only on their own kind and sometimes their collaborators, they disregard the safety and well-being for other ghosts, much less on humans or other living creatures.

When the ghost zone was under the rule of Titan,  the realm was in complete turmoil with the Ruasonid terrorizing and enslaving other ghosts who did not pay homage to the Dark Lord. These purely evil acts are what made the Ruasonid so feared.  They also possess a rare type of ghost power called Magma Manipulation (a stronger variant of Pyrokinesis) as well having a reliance and adaptability on Dark Ecto-Energy.  They are also strong enough to resist Clockwork's magic.


Most Ruasonid live in a tribal and clan-based fashion as they were trained from birth to fight and would enjoy it too. While most clans were often lead by chieftains, they still answer to their king or his family.

Known RuasonidsEdit

  • Titan (Hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Amphicoelias, Quetzalcoatlus and Ankylosaurus)
  • Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
  • Terro (Pteranodon)
  • Gigo (Giganotosaurus)
  • Frill Claw (Spinosaurus)
  • Lady Aquainsaur (Mosasaurus)
  • Gigantis (a hybrid of a Amphicoelias and an Argentinosaurus)
  • Tritak (Triceratops)
  • Talon (Utahraptor)
  • Spike (Craterosaurus)
  • Stone Tail (Ankylosaurus)
  • Carartor (Carnotaurus)
  • Al (Allosaurus)
  • Blaze (Tyrannosaurus Rex)


  • Aside from Pariah Dark, Dan Phantom and a few others who rivaled them in power, the Ruasonid are among the most powerful ghost races in the series.
  • The name Ruasonid is Dinosaur spelled backwards.
  • The Ruasonid were also know for their use of Dark Ecto-Energy as the white parts of the typical ecto-blasts are replaced with Black. 
  • The average Ruasonid is almost as strong as the Ghost King or any-other mega-ghosts due to their reliance on Dark Ecto-Energy as well as their natural, but preposterous strength.

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