Sam Manson Brings Spring To Amity Park is a storybook featuring Sam Manson with special appearances by Valerie Gray, Paulina, Star, Kwan, Dash Baxter, Tucker Foley, and Danny and Jazz Fenton.


Poor Sam Manson is tired of winter. She cannot ride her scooter, rollerblade, or play in a swimming pool. She decides to buy a bouquet of nine flowers from the florist to decorate her bedroom to remind her of Spring. These include a sunflower, a daisy, a poppy, a tiger lily, a pansy, a daffodil, a rose, a chrysanthemum, and an iris.

On her way home, Sam stops for a cup of hot chocolate at Valerie Gray's apartment. Valerie says she loves Sam's sunflower, and Sam impulsively decides to give it to Valerie.

Walking down Amity Park, Sam meets other friends -- Paulina, Star, Kwan, Dash Baxter, Tucker Foley, Danny Fenton, and Jazz Fenton -- and cheers each of them with a flower. By the time Sam reaches her house, she only has the last flower.

At first, Sam is unhappy, but when she turns around, he sees that the neighborhood is now decorated with brightly colored flowers, held by her friends. Sam realizes that she's brought Spring to Amity Park!


  • Sam Manson
  • Valerie Gray
  • Paulina
  • Star
  • Kwan
  • Dash Baxter
  • Tucker Foley
  • Danny Fenton
  • Jazz Fenton
  • Teenagers

Full StoryEdit

The full story is available to read here.

Other VersionsEdit

"Sam Manson Brings Spring to Amity Park" was adapted as a storybook video in "Five Danny Phantom Stories," with Grey Delisle, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, and Tara Strong voicing their respective characters, and Delisle narrating. In the video adaptation, the order of the flowers Sam gives away is slightly different (although the other characters' reasons for wanting them remain the same); in the book the chrysanthemum is the next-to-last flower she has left to give away (the last being her iris), while on the video the pansy is the next-to-last flower she sacrifices (the last being her iris).

Also, in the video version, Paulina is called Gloria and voiced by Grey Delisle (due to the absence of Maria Canals), and Valerie Gray is reprised by Delisle (due to the absence of Cree Summer) and Dash by Jason Marsden (due to the absence of Scott Bullock). The voice also described Danny Fenton and Kwan's dialogue, since neither David Kaufman nor James Sie are available to do voices for the video.

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