ResidenceSalem, Massachussetts, Earth
Voice ActorJennifer Hale
First Appearance"Thanksgiving Witch Switch"
UniverseSam Manson: Monster Hunter

Sara is a gothic witch and identical cousin to human protagonist Sam Manson.

Background InformationEdit

Sara is very similar to her cousin Sam but with very long black hair with red highlights, dark green eyes, dark red lipstick, dark red fingernails, paler skin, a black and red dress with red sleeves draping down her shoulders, black ankle shoes with red tints, red and black fingerless gloves that end at the elbow, and a red bat necklace.


  • Sara's appearance is based on The Hex Girls' Sally "Thorn" McKnight.
  • Her mother, who is the antagonist, is based on The Wicked Witch of the West, who turns her cousin Sam into stone.
  • She uses magic spells whenever everyone's in danger.

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