This page is a listing for Season 1 of the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series, created by Numbuh 404.


This season gears up the continuing relationships between former cartoon show characters, introducing the first semi-original character, Wes, in "School-Shocked," who becomes an established recurring antagonist to Danny. Then, the first original character, Cris, is debuted in "Breakdance Beat-Down." While she and Danny become better acquainted, he also takes second approaches to rivals like Valerie Gray and Dash Baxter in the hopes of turning them from enemies to allies.

Later into the season, Danny reconnects with his beloved "cousin," Dani Phantom, to help her learn to control her newest powers -- and in doing so, he learns more about himself.

Season Specials

During each Season, there is set to be at least two, if not more, holiday specials besides Season Premiers or Finales.

  1. Smashed to Pieces -- Halloween Special
  2. Birds of Prey -- Thanksgiving Special
  3. Blazing Hearts -- Two-Part Season Finale


  1. School-Shocked (Coming soon)
  2. Breakdance Beat-Down (Coming soon)
  3. Gray Space (Coming soon)
  4. Falling Star (Coming soon)
  5. Comical Villains (Coming soon)
  6. Smashed to Pieces (Coming soon)
  7. Under Fire (Coming soon)
  8. Ghost Getter #5 (Coming soon)
  9. Birds of Prey (Coming soon)
  10. Portal Playhouse (Coming soon)
  11. Drifting Spirits (Coming soon)
  12. As the Snow Falls (Coming soon)
  13. Crystal Fever (Coming soon)
  14. Blazing Hearts (Coming soon)



  • The idea to have Seasons in the series was brought up during draft writing as a means of organizing the timeline without the risk of losing placement between stories. This Season's first episode was conceptualized on June 16th, 2016.
  • The specific number of episodes per season is meant to follow the pattern set from the original series, which includes fifteen episodes in both Seasons One and Two, but only fourteen in Season Three. The two-part Season Finale is the "loophole episode" because it is labelled as episodes fourteen and fifteen, respectively.
  • The two-part Season Finale was finalized on August 3rd, 2016. Originally, the main villain of this episode was going to be debuted in Season 2 or as late as Season 3, but given the special guest actor, it was moved up as the lead-up into Season Two. The concept plans were developed back in March, at which point the character's design was being drafted.
  • The table including the captions, summaries, and thumbnail images was officially added on Aug. 11th, 2016. The author had great distain for it, so the entire table was removed on February 10th, 2017.

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