ResidenceAmity Park, Earth
Voice ActorGrey DeLisle
First AppearanceSam Manson: Monster Hunter episode "My Cousin's A Vampire!"

Sheila is a gothic vampire and identical cousin to the human protagonist, Sam Manson.


Sheila is very similar to her cousin Sam but with longer black hair and no pony-tail and blue lipstick. Her skin is moss-colored, she has blood red eyes and fanged teeth. Her clothing consists of spiked choker around her neck while her upper body consists of a torn black tanktop exposing her midriff with a fanged skull in the center. Out from her tanktop are long black arm sleeves with red stripes. Her lower body consists of a torn dark black skirt with a blood red crosshatch design, blood red stockings, and the same combat boots worn by Sam.


  • Unlike any other vampire and like her cousin Sam, Sheila's a vegetarian. She drinks juice and takes a bite on fruits and vegetables.
  • Her hiding place is the basement closet in Sam's house.
  • Like all vampires, Sheila hates the sunlight and garlic breath.
  • She sometimes disguises herself in human form, with the same skin tone from Sam, blue eyes, and human teeth.
  • Valerie Gray is her enemy, who tries to slay her using stakes, amulets, garlic water, and even light.
  • Even though she has the same actor as her cousin Sam, her voice resembles the voice of Mandy of Billy & Mandy, only much older.

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