Sitic is the main antagonist of the sixth season (Also known as the Sitic Saga) of Danny Phantom: Wraith.

Background InformationEdit

He is a powerful parasitic ghost and the one who had started the Black Plague. Sitic can regenerate himself anytime he gets destroyed. 


Sitic is a sadistic and ruthless single-minded sociopath made of pure evil. He is obsessed with infecting everything to improve his strength and power.


Sitic's 1st form is made of dead skinless flesh and muscle, has green eyes and razor sharp teeth. His 2nd form is similar to his 1st, but has a sharp head section and a scorpion like tail. His final form is more demonic looking, as it takes on the appearance of a parasitic Centar with horns and wings.


  • Sitic is more powerful than the series's chief villian Rex (at until he reached his King Tyrant form).
  • Sitic is the one of most evil and darker villians in the series, along with Frost, Dan Phantom, and Titan.

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