Skulk and Lurk is the name of a book store in the original Danny Phantom series. The main Wiki page is here.

Mainstream Media

Skulk and Lurk Book Store
Mainstream Media

In mainstream media, the Skulk and Lurk is a goth bookstore that features materials in genres of mythology, dystopia, horror, gothic poetry, and banned literature (usually whatever is not found in pop culture, educational, or conventional circulation). There is also a Goth Slam Poetry Night held during the evenings (assumed to be weekly or monthly). The store has made both direct and indirect appearances in a handful of episodes with the following books being featured:

  • Chronicles of the Fright Knight in "Fright Night" -- Sam lends Danny this book, which he uses to find Pariah's Keep in the Ghost Zone because this book was based on ghost history. Later, he finds the solution to ending the Fright Knight's reign of terror in this book.
  • A Match Made in Space in "Double Cross My Heart" -- While not used in the episode, it is a reference back to the 1985 sci-fi classic, Back to the Future.
  • Edward Gory in "Double Cross My Heart" -- Another book found here, but not directly used. It may be a reference to a Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe novel.
  • Goth's Guide to Mythology in "Boxed Up Fury" -- Sam lends Danny this book to aid him in his search for Pandora, a ghost from Greek mythology, after the Box Ghost is seen using her infamous box to unleash terror into the mortal realm. Apparently, she bought the last copy of this book from the Skulk and Lurk.

SC Stories

Within the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series, the Skulk and Lurk bookstore continues to be a point of reference for some characters for their literary resources. Pending more...

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