The Skunk Punks is a band name from the original Danny Phantom series.

Mainstream Media

Skunk Punks News Article
Mainstream Media

Within the original Danny Phantom series, the Skunk Punks' title is only referred to in "Phantom Planet." According to Jack Fenton, it was the name of the band that he and Vlad were a part of during college and how many members were involved -- or their roles in the band -- remains a mystery, although by the news article, there were probably five in total. Their image was a familiar black-and-white split hairstyle, which Vlad let fade out naturally while Jack simply washed out his white mark. As Jack explains to Danny, their band did not succeed, which was part of the reason they worked on a prototype Ghost Portal instead with Maddie. The news title reads, "Skunk Punks Stink!" which was a joke that the group "walked right into."


  • 1985 is their official public debut, according to the news article, which is considered to be incorrectly dated by the Nickelodeon team during production as it does not correlate properly with other usage of the same image found in "Bitter Reunions" and "Secret Weapons."
  • Vlad's hair in his debut episode (and from there after) includes a slightly lighter segment down the middle. This is because he had not completely faded out the white streak during college before the lab accident occurred, so it has remained a part of his now-natural hair color, acting as a type of "scar" of the past.

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