Teoctlamazqui is an original character of Danny Phantom: Wraith: Rise of Teoctlamazqui series.


He is prideful, intelligent and brutal.


Teoctlamazqui is a 7'2" tall grey skined Aztec/Mayan like ghost with green eyes and teal tattoos. He also wears a typical Aztec god like headdress with many other things. his mask resembles the mayan death god Ah Puch.

Voice Actor(s)Edit

He is voiced by Enn Reitel.


  • Teoctlamazqui means "Dead Sun" in Aztec.
  • He is one of the three most powerful ghosts in the series, alongside Naros, Rex and Pariah Dark.
  • Despite being an Aztec/Mayan ghost, he wears an Incan necklace that resemble's the incan sun god inti and 2 Olmec bracelet's.

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