The City Caterpillar and the Country Caterpillar is a storybook which tells an underground version of the story of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse. It features an appearance of Tucker Foley and the city of Amity Park.

Squiggly's cousin Squirmy visits Amity Park. When Tucker makes Squiggly annoyed, he decides to visit Squirmy in the country. He then gets to experience what it's like to live in Squirmy's home. But when a bluebird almost grabbed them for breakfast, Squiggly realizes that living in the city is much safer for him and he and Squirmy both decided that their own enviroment is best for themselves. When Squiggly returns home, he reconciles with Tucker.


  • Tucker Foley
  • Squiggly (Tucker's caterpillar)
  • Squirmy (Squiggly's cousin)
  • Danny Fenton (cameo)
  • Sam Manson (cameo)
  • Bobby Bluebird


  • This book was adapted in the video "Three Danny Phantom Stories". In the adaptation, Squiggly is voiced by Kath Soucie (who sounds like a little boy) and Squirmy by Grey Delisle (who sounds like Mandy of "Billy & Mandy" with a slight Southern accent).
  • Danny Fenton and Sam Manson make a brief cameo appearance talking to Tucker while Squiggly and Squirmy are sitting on a Nasty Burger sign.

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