The Great Cheese Burglar is a storybook featuring canon character Larry the Dairy Monster inspired by Sesame Street's sketch, "The Great Cookie Thief".

The book opens in a saloon, where the residents are talking about their collective problem, the great cheese burglar, who is stealing all the cheeses in supermarkets in the area. While staring at the wanted poster of the thief, they realize the feller standing next to it looks just like him.

The sheriff pushes a saloon patron to take a closer look, and the messenger reports that the feller in question has the same eyes. Not convinced, the sheriff sends him back to compare the fur, which is the same shaggy red. On a third inspection, the messenger notes they both wear the same black hat. And the fourth and final look reveals a blue bandana on each of them.

When they accuse him of being the thief, Larry counters that he does not have the same moustache, and he promptly draws one on the poster. Seeing the difference, the residents breathe a sigh of relief, until Larry removes his hat, revealing cheeses stashed underneath.



  • Tucker, Jazz, Mr. Lancer, and Dash make a cameo appearance in the saloon.
  • This book is adapted in the video "Three Danny Phantom Stories", with Jess Harnell voicing Larry the Dairy Monster. Paulina and Star make a cameo in Pizza Palace in the video adaptation of the story. In the video adaptation of the story, not only Larry steals cheeses, but also cheese puffs, cheese chips, cheese popcorn, cheese crackers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pizzas. Rickey D'Shon Collins and Colleen O'Shaughnessy voice Tucker and Jazz in the video adaptation of the story, but their voices sound a lot different than usual.

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