Titan was the former King of the Ruasonid and the main villian of the last movie of Danny Phantom: Wraith. He is the father of Rex and the grandfather of Blaze and Raptor. He once ruled the ghost zone before Pariah Dark as the self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the realm.


While most Ruasonid are omnicidal and obessed with destroying all life, Titan is the worst of them all as he wishes to not only destroy the human world, but the ghost zone too (also known as the afterlife).  Titan is not only ruthless and proud like his son, but also far more malevolent and manipulative. In others his personaility is best described as the most evil being ever known in the ghost zone. His arrogance is such that he considers himself to be a god.


He appears to based on a Tyrannosaurus, a Amphicoelias, a Quetzalcoatlus and an Ankylosaurus. He has red eyes, has crimson red brown skin covered in black, gold and red bones and has Wings. He is about 100 feet tall.


  • His power is such that it even surpasses Pariah Dark, Teoctlamazqui and Dan Phantom (in his Ruasonid/Dragon hybrid form), making him the most powerful ghost in all of history.
  • He was king of all ghosts before Pariah Dark. 
  • He is voiced by Sala Baker, who also portaryed Sauron in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Who in turn was also a powerful dark lord and evil spirit).
  • He is one of the most (if not the most) evil and malevolent villians in the series along with FrostSitic and Dan Phantom. This evident by his deeply uncaring feelings for son (who loves and respects him dearly),for having a god complex, being far more ruthless than Pariah Dark and wishing to destroy both the afterlife as well as earth.
  • He is the Main villain of Danny Phantom Wraith: Titan's Awakening
  • He is also the embodiment of evil, darkness and genocide, serving the equivalent of Satan in the Danny Phantom series and to make it more clearly, Satan is really titan and that titan is a shape shifter.

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