"Why rule the world? When you can rule the entire universe." - Umbrus

Umbrus is one of the main antagonists of Danny Phantom: Wraith. A mysterious character posing as a man under the alias of Anton Roarke, Umbrus is really a powerful ghost and was the CEO of Roarke industries. He wishes to create an army of half ghosts to overthrow the humans. He is also the one who modified Rick's powers. He is voiced by Corey Burton.


Umbrus has a skull like face, wears a black hooded scalloped cape, metal claw like gloves, metal boots, a black suit and has yellow eyes.


Umbrus is a very cold, intelligent and calculating ghost. He belives ruling just the world is for the weak and stupid as he holds larger ambitions. He also secretly holds little respect for his henchgirl Ater, viewing her as naive and ignorant. 


  • Like Pariah Dark, Rex and Dark Danny, Umbrus is not comical and is very dark.
  • Roarke was originally supposed to be inspired by the Dark Knight Rises version of Bane. That idea was later scrapped for the Grim Reaper design similiar to the Phantasam design from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.
  • His name Umbrus derives from "Umbra" which means "Shadow" in Latin.

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