Vein (Real name David Palmer) is a young 10 year old boy and juvenile delinquent  who turns into a lizard like ghost covered in Ice as well having the ability to poison people, even ghosts.


David is mostly polite and well spoken, yet cold-blooded, sociopathic, sadistic. manipulative, ruthless and power hungry, even for a chilid. Due to being bullied on, sheltered from his parents  and pitted for his rather innocent appearance, David hated himself and wanted nothing more than to remove the very innocence that made his family love him. He also took alot of pleasure in turning himself into a monster and frezze Amitiy Park (then the world in general) in order to "create the second ice age." Despite being a seemingly polite lover of Shakespeare and Classic Music, he is a borderline psychopath who enjoys freezing and poisoning people and feels no remorse about it.


David has brown hair and blue eyes as a boy. But when he turns into Vein, he resembles a light blue 7 foot Lizard bipedal like creature covered in Ice.


  • Despite not being the main villian, Vein is one of the most evil villians in the series along with Dan Phantom, Sitic and Titan.
  • He is voiced by Linda Young (who voiced Frieza from Dragon Ball Z) as a chilid, while Frank Welker voiced his ghost form and Christopher Ayres (who also voiced Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Kai) as a teenager.
  • His personality is similar to Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs as well as Alex from a Clockwork Orange.
  • He and Ray were once cellmates in Juvy with David running the place despite his age and size.
  • David's psychiatrist's description of him is similar to Dr. Samuel Loomis's description of Micheal Myers from Halloween, having "the devil's eyes and is pure evil".

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